Social Media Course 101

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Social Media 101 Course


Social Media 101 Course

Not just one type of social media outlet is good for any business. There are many to choose from. But which ones are the effective ones for your businesses? This course will break this down some of the bigger social media accounts on the market today. This includes:

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and a bonus social media account that will be discussed in length.

This course is designed to understand the basic premise of having a social media presence for your business and for you, if you are promoting yourself. How to use social media as a tool for marketing and making money. And not for just socializing.

This course involves the basic setups, theories, and understanding of why each social media account has its purpose. We’ll be discussing:

  1. Setting up all your social media sites correctly
  2. Optimizing your social media sites with the correct descriptions
  3. How to set up the correct funnel for branding, monetization or marketing
  4. List building
  5. Aggregation
  6. Content curation
  7. KW research
  8. Determining your audience in a warm market for brand messaging
  9. Understanding how to significantly make a presence online with your service or product

And so many other items that are never used to really get the full impact of social media.

You’ll have access to our Slack group for support and help for 3 months. Inside the slack group, you can ask questions to our staff for any questions pertaining to social media marketing and any other type of marketing that you want to venture into.

We’ll show you the tools and software’s necessary to make your social media effective with minimal cost. It’s a rolodex of free and paid services that we use to make our business run smoothly.

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